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SPACE SHARK PROMO ART by Chris G (Team Mummy) All rights reserved.

Today is really all about Space Shark.

I love webcomics. They don't have to have the same narrative depth as trad comics (although often they do - check out the marvelous Freakangels, Emma Vieceli's Dragon Heir, or newcomer Exisles)... Often, webcomics creators don't take themselves as seriously as the po-faced wankers who disdain the term 'comics' in favour of the 'graphic novel' (Spiegelman, I'm looking at you). So what does this equal for the reader, and the creator? 

In a word, freedom. Freed from editorial, commercial and market restraints, the comics creator's mind is left free to roam... to come up with something as truly awesome as Chris G's SPACE SHARK.

Episode 7 is the latest one, where Chris introduces a fearsomely-acronymed organisation of villains. Go read all of them, here are the links:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Space Shark is great because he is pure concept. He is a shark. He is in space. Therefore he is already desirable, impossible and totally engrossing. Basically, Chris could do anything with this character and I would love it. A ten-panel strip about Space Shark taking a dump will probably entertain me more than the entirety of Final Crisis.

So today is all about Space Shark... because Space Shark has convinced me that my FIRST MISSION of 2010 (or TwentyTentacles as Harlequinade has been calling it) is to get the Webcomics section of Weaponizer up and running. Nobody can stop me... not even T.U.S.K.


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