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It seems my last post sounded a little bitter and whiny. Oops. It was actually meant to be a kind of HEY HO! LETS GO! type of a thing... I would love it if more people I knew in the real world posted more on their profiles! I'm also not trying to tell anyone how to run their lives. What works for you may not work for me! Anyway, I passed 1000 Tweets today, so there's no turning back now!

Not really in rant mode today, so I'm going to make a TO-DO LIST instead, as I have lots of stuff going on. I feel like LJ is the right place to put all of these projects out in the (relative) open, so I can keep track of them. So in no particular order...

Short Term - Next 6 Months

Black Lantern Trading Post
TOTW is brilliant, as is the tee I bought from Team Mummy. So a while ago I decided we need a t-shirt store for both Black Lantern Music and Weaponizer. We've already had the logos re-rubbed by Paul Sizer (for Weaponizer), Inkmoth (for Neverzone and Black Lantern) and Andre Navarro (for Urge Mode). The Whitechapel comp I did to reimagine the logo (which Paul won) also provided some great designs, so there are going to be more than one design available, at least from Weaponizer... we're also talking about band tees. The whole POD t-shirt thing is a revelation. I like the designs so much, I'm hoping they sell... would provide some much needed income for the sites and artists involved.

EP Trilogy
Got 3 EPs coming out - starting with Aphasia (any day now...). They link into some sort of pretentious thematic whole. I'm very excited. The formula is roughly two tracks I've made myself, mastered by Morphamish of course, and then two tracks by other producers. Apart from Morphamish, I've been working with Salem Anders and Asthmatic Astronaut, plus vocalists Harlequinade and Kid Ritalin.

Working on an SF play, hopefully to sell or at least stage myself. If you like PKD, hopefully this will tickle your fancy. Also working on two scripts with KD McCune, one a zombie thing and one a sort of real-life superhero experiment. Hope to finish Play, Zombies by Feb at latest - Supes can wait, needs more conceptual work and thinking done.

Weaponizer Collected Edition
The best of the last two years. Keep pushing back this project because the submission quality keeps getting higher and higher. Think I've drawn a line under it though - working on first-draft MS and weighing up benefits of small press and POD routes. Need to bag this one ASAP.

Stories / Novels
One or two big novel ideas floating about, none even begun seriously. Cannibalised last year's Nanowrimo attempt - it is now a world-building exercise in ten parts, called 2019. Once that's finished, I'll open the story to other writers. It's an experiment. Got one more cyberpunk short to type up, and as culturedust group seems to be stalled, might put my stories from that experiment over on Weaponizer. Still not up for trying to sell any short stories yet... none I'm a hundred percent happy with.

Mooted gigs in Glasgow, also a monthly residency somewhere in the West End for Black Lantern. Harlequinade and Morphamish both have plans for gigs in the early months of 2010, I'll be involved in some way, and they'll be under a BLM banner. February could see me putting on a poetry event... not sure about a Slam, but it would get a crowd in... my friend Christian Jensen, a brilliant Norweigan / Kiwi poet, will be in town, so I want to put on a show for him.

Long Term - Next Year

Myself and Kevin are scheming on several short film ideas, and may approach some funding organisations. A lot of these ideas are music videos for Black Lantern... we need a presence on YouTube. Lots of technical and financial obstacles to this happening, but it's not impossible.

Chemical Poets
Write more narrative stuff, with the view to putting a Chemical Poets show together for next summer. Glastonbury, hopefully, as a band... Plus we need to record an album. That should be happening in January or February.

Black Lantern - Strategy
Keep releasing free music. See it pay off with gig sales, hopefully... Convince more and more diverse artists to contribute. Spread the word about Creative Commons Music. Make limited edition, high-concept design physical copies of certain releases available where there's demand.

Weaponizer - Strategy
Incorporate some webcomics, up the hit count as much as possible, start publishing (either way) on paper, distribute 'zine version far and wide, and (a very, very unlikely wish this...) get to have some sort of presence during next year's book festival.

So yeah, I'm a busy motherfucker! I have a 'real job' too. It's a great job, I really enjoy it, and I work hard there too. That's just my projects - I'll also be proofing, editing, soliciting, reading, blogging, tweeting and generally doing all the things that make me happy and fulfilled.

There wasn't enough of that in 2009 for my liking. There was a lot, but there could have been so much more.

This year I intend to make myself just insanely, massively busy. Always on. Hopefully, once a day on LJ too. This is me warming up the motors for 2010.

See you on the other side...


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Dec. 15th, 2009 04:53 pm (UTC)
I'm with that. '09 was a rebuilding year. In 2010, I conquer.
Dec. 16th, 2009 01:36 pm (UTC)
Agreed man. It's time to start taking this shit (more) seriously.
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